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Hey everyone!

A while back (in September/October) last year I saw loads of bloggers and youtubers talking about MUA and saying how good their stuff is and I was like hm, maybe I should get some. I went on their website, picked out a few things and just when I was going to buy the shipping costs popped up- $15?! No way was I going to pay that. I was pretty disappointed and then the next day I got an email from them, and it said FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. After seeing that I knew me + the makeup I chose were meant to be (haha) and I bought my stuff.

Ok enough rambling on, starting the review. Oh and a note, please don't mind the horrible lighting, it's pouring outside so I couldn't get any pictures in 'natural' lighting.

The products I got (I got 13 products but forgot what two were):

Another note, the eye shadows didn't look that horrible when I got them- I've just been messing around with them quite a bit!

MUA single pearl eye shadows :

I love these eye shadows! I only purchased 3, but I wish I bought more! They're very creamy and buttery, and super pigmented. There's not much fallout, they last ages on my eyes, and they don't crease (though I'm not sure if my Asian eyes even really have that problem). The pearl finish is perfect! 

I purchased (in order) : Shade 5 , Shade 8, and Shade 4

Price : 1 pound/ approx. $2 each

MUA eyeliners :

Like the eye shadows, I only bought 3 of MUA's eyeliners. MUA's eyeliner I think is a product where the quality you get is slightly more than what you pay for, which is quite good. The eyeliners, like most drugstore liners, smudge after a few hours wear and need touching up, and when I wear them on my lower waterline, they disappear after only about one hour which is a little disappointing. Though for the price they're still great and the colors are absolutely gorgeous! Although my review isn't all positive, one of my favourite products I've purchased from them is the purple eyeliner pencil- beautiful colour and I get compliments every time I wear it! 

I purchased (in swatch order) : Turquoise, Lovely Lilac , and Snow White. 

Price: 1 pound/ $2 each

MUA lipsticks + 1 matte : 

MUA carries 16 shades of lipstick and I had to restrain myself from buying all of them. I only purchased 3 of them, as well as one of their matte lipsticks and one lip gloss. 
Their lipsticks are very creamy and opaque. Surprisingly they're actually quite moisturizing. They also really good quality, for their price! Another thing I really like, which might not be everyone's cup of tea, is the vanilla-ey scent of these. It's quite similar to the vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks. The lasting power is pretty decent, though you do need to re-apply every few hours. 
And a review of the matte lipstick, to be really honest, it's quite hard to get on as it drags on my lips. It's slightly harder to put on than most of the other matte lipsticks I own but it's still wearable. 
It also comes with a little of the lipstick in a pot at the bottom which I think is really cute. 
I don't think the lipsticks look exactly the same on my arm as on my lips so I swatched them that way too: 

Shade 1

Shade 3

Shade 13

Matte- Scarlet Siren

Price : 1 pound/ $2 each

MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss : 

 This is by far my favourite product I bought! I can't even describe how good this is! I literally have 0 things I dislike. I got this is Kiss and Tell, I only bought one but I seriously wish I bought all 8- this was that good! First of all, these lip glosses aren't sticky at all! Most lip glosses annoy me with their stickiness because my hair gets stuck in it (ew), but not this. It's more of a lip cream I'd say- not too shiny which I like. And like the name, the colour is really intense, it is really pigmented and look exactly the same on my lips as in the tube. Staying time: they stay for hours and hours without need for re-application. This is quite similar to the Rimmel Apocalips range only these are much cheaper. Love them so much, fave.

Price : 2 pounds/ $4 .

Overall: Love! MUA is so good if you want really great affordable products, I loved everything I bought and can't wait to buy some more whenever they have another free shipping discount. I really do think the products are as good as all the youtubers say. And living in Australia, where practically all makeup is 2x-3x pricier than the US or the UK, it's nice getting something so inexpensive and good quality.

Also, shipping only took a week for my order to get here! So good!

So have you bought anything from MUA before and what do you think? :)

Til my next post,

Kristen x

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