Mini Haul : Lush + Kmart + Kikki K


Hey guys! How are you? So today I was only meant to pick up one thing, which was from Kikki K because I had a $10 voucher which was expiring today! But of course being me (a shopping addict!) I had to buy a few more things I saw on the way.

Kikki K :

I couldn't get the picture to turn around the right way but I got a food stickers book! I just thought it was so cute and I had to have it. I would post more pictures, but I haven't taken it out of it's packaging yet! This was $20 which I'd always thought was a bit expensive for stickers, but with my $10 off voucher, I think $10 is pretty reasonable for something so cute. 

Kmart :
Of course being me, I can't go a single shopping trip without buying a new nail polish. *sighs*
So I got one from BYS 's new confetti polish collection in 'White Noise'. This polish I think is a dupe for Loreal's Sparkilicious (or confetti) top coat. I also got another BYS product- their 5 piece neons palette. Most neons I've tried have usually been too chalky, had too much fallout, etc, so I'm just hoping this isn't like that. A lot of BYS products are hits and misses, but I'll talk about that in another post. The eyeshadow palette was $4.70 and the nail polish was $4. 
As well as that, I also got some piggy socks! Aren't they adorable? I'm absolutely crazy about cute socks right now and when I saw those, in love! They all have some nice massage-y grippy things at the bottom- they're also so soft. The cat socks are my sister's haha. They're only $4, I wish they had more.
And I got a hair chalk. For the past few months I've been really disappointed- I've been trying to find a dye that works on my super dark asian hair without any horrible things like ammonia, bleach etc in it. I have found a few, but they barely show, and with all the tries, I've ended up $100 + poorer and with super damaged hair. Not nice. I never really liked hair chalk that much, I have only used it once from a friend and it barely showed too, but at $4 for this I decided to give it a try. I gave it little try and HURRAY IT ACTUALLY SHOWS- YAY! 

Lush : 

So this was a quite a while ago, but I bought Lush's Snap! gift set. With their after Christmas sale- 50% , who could resist! Apologies for my not-so-great photo taking. There was other things in the box- but I've already used them haha ;) So it came with the Mr Punch soap, Cinders bath bomb, Fizzbanger bath bomb, Red 'fun', Christmas penguin bubble bar, and Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. Can i just say how amazing the Shoot for the Stars bomb is?!? It is literally the most incredible bath bomb ever, and take it from me, a Lush self-admitted addict- I've tried every single bath bomb except maybe 2, and this is THE BOMB. Yeah, hilarious Kristen *sighs* I'm not going to reveal any more except for the fact it's amazing, so next time Christmas comes around, get one. You won't regret it, I promise! I only got one extra backup but gifted it to my mum, wish I got more though. 10 more months to wait. I also got another one of Lush's Christmas items, the Snow Fairy shower gel. I wish this wasn't a Christmas only too, it smells just like the bubblegum lip scrub and is just, so good. The Snap! set was only $17.50 (crazy!), and the shower gel, I think was 50% off too and $10. 

So this is my little haul from today, I'll probably be doing a bigger one next week- I'm going to go shopping in the city and will hopefully be picking up my first Lime Crime lipstick (yay!).
Have you guys treated yourselves to anything recently?

-Kristen x

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