Lime Crime: Poisonberry review +swatches :)


Hello guys!
I'm so sorry for the lack of posting these past two weeks, I've had so much work to do and have been going out every weekend. I'll try to make a new post tomorrow as well to make up for it!
Anyways, it's been a month since I first got this lipstick, and about a month too since I said I'd make this review, so, here it is!

This is the front of the box, and I think it looks so cute! 
And this is the back, with all the ingredients and everything.
There's the top, with the Lime Crime logo (so cute!)
I love how they don't test on animals, I think it's so lovely and I might start finding and buying more cruelty free brands.

This is the front of the lipstick, I love the holographic-ness I'm just so in love with holographic things right now.
And this is the other side, with Lime Crime's signature holo unicorn.

First thoughts: 
When I first got it, the bullet shaped packaging reminded me a lot of Mac's lipstick packaging, only this is a bit bigger and more, sturdy I guess? The decorated packaging though, I didn't know what to think, half of me thought it was absolutely adorable, and the other half though it was a little bit tacky. I think I'm more on the cute side now though haha.

So this is the colour. I'd been looking for a purple for the longest time, and was going to buy Mac's 'Cyber',but at $39 here in Australia, I decided to wait a few months til when I go to Hong Kong where it's cheaper. And then I found this. At $22, it's not exactly the most affordable lipstick too, but I decided to splurge haha. 
For me, this colour is absolutely perfect, an everyday colour, and I just wish I could even wear it to school. It's also perfect for Autumn and Winter, but being me, I'd wear it all year round. 
It's a beautiful purple that looks more blue in the photo, but it has a red undertone, and comes out in a berry shade. 

Apparently, this is one of the least opaque LC lipsticks, and I think that you can layer to make it a deeper colour. 

Here's how it looks on (excuse me in my pajamas and the face haha!). I think it looks quite good and is a great statement colour for a first statement colour buyer. 

Oh and another thing similar to Mac, Poisonberry smells like vanilla. Some might think the smell is yukky, but I love it!

About the staying power, I don't know, because I'm constantly eating so it comes off, but I think it would stay a good 3-4+ hours. They also stain your lips a bit, but since it's a darker colour, its to be expected. 

Overall, I'd love to buy some more Lime Crime lipsticks- especially Serpentina and Airbourne Unicorn! The formula and colours are great and opaque like said and just, love!

I picked this up from Princess Polly which I'm pretty sure is the only place you can these not online in Australia :)

-Kristen x

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