Yummies in the City : Ichi Ban Boshi + Gelatissimo + more!


So yesterday I was out in the city, and I'd heard great things about this restaurant. Though being in the city, there are so many dinner options but when I read the menu and saw 'Cheesy Karaage Curry', I was 100% SOLD. I love curry, and I love cheese even more, perfect combo!
I was having dinner with my extended family, so I got to try their food too!

So that was my dinner. As expected, it was delicious! It had DOUBLE CHEESE, so I was really happy! The chicken was really tasty, and the curry, though on the salty side, was also yummy. The salad I didn't eat though.

My aunt's Unagi Bowl, it came with a salad and miso soup. I don't eat seafood, so I didn't get to try this one and forgot to ask her if it was nice! Below is my sister's Tokyo Ramen, she really liked it though couldn't finish, so I became 'human garbage bin kristen' and ate the rest. I'm not the biggest fan of ramen, and this wasn't exceptional, it was good but again, on the salty side.

Above is my mum's miso ramen. I think I preferred the Tokyo Ramen over this one, but if you like bean sprouts, then maybe you'll like it more. I hate 99% of vegetables!
 To the right is my cousin's Shoyu Ramen, and I think this one was my favourite out of all of them.

Credits to 'Grabyourfork.blogspot.com' for this picture (I love your blog), my dad tried to order this ramen, but we didn't know there were only 15 and because it was dinner, sold out! So he got a Tokyo Ramen, same as my sister.

For drinks, I saw they had their own special Ichi Ban Boshi Ramune and I just thought it was so cute (I've even kept the bottle!

My cousin and I were still hungry even after finishing off everyone else's meals, so he ordered a plate of salmon sushi and I got a plate of gyoza. And then our entree's arrived, after our dinner. Everyone else was practically exploding, so I finished off more than half of the Agadashi Tofu. I didn't get a picture, because I ate this too fast and it didn't occur to me until when I got home that I forgot to take a photo! 
My family weren't big fans of this dish, as the sauce it was drenched in made the normally crispy top soggy, but I liked it. It was smooth and cooked well.

The gyozas were AMAZING. Perfectly crunchy, and I loved the filling, So good. 
And the salmon sushi, I didn't get to take a picture nor ask my cousin how they tasted because he basically vacuumed up his whole plate in less the 30 seconds, 7 sushis down into his stomach. I don't think he even tasted them! 

So that it's for my review of Ichi Ban Boshi, I'd recommend this if you like ramen, and a tip, come earlier than 6 if you're eating for dinner, because any later, there's massive lines outside! I saw people waiting for over half an hour! 

For dessert I had Gelatissimo- so yummy! I had a little taste of all the icecreams in their new Summer 'range' (is that the right word?!) , and had to force myself to restrain from asking the lady serving me to give me a sample of all their gelatos. In the end, I bought pink lemonade, from the Summer range and white chocolate. White chocolate was quite a plain gelato, still good, and Pink Lemonade was amazing! 

Earlier in the day I also noticed that there was a Lindt pop-up store for Easter. After spending over a hundred bucks at the actual Lindt store a few months ago, I forced myself to not get anything, *sighs* , maybe next time.

My sister and I did get some things from Happy Lab, we're so excited to try them! Everything I've bought from Happy Lab so far I've loved, so hopefully these are just as good.


Though I was in the city yesterday, I missed seeing the Mardi Gras parade which was a little disappointing. If you saw it yesterday, how was it?

Oh and I also got my first Lime Crime lipstick yesterday- yay! I'll make a swatches and review post in the next few days, and perhaps a tutorial using it soon! 

'Til my next post, 
- Kristen :)

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