Chi Chi 'Bases' Palette: Review & Swatches


Hey guys!
So if you've read my last Chi Chi review post and were looking forward to part 2, here it is!
My Bases palette review...


First 3

Next 3 

Next to last 3

Last 3

And all the shadows together

A bit about the shadows (finishes+textures) etc.

1. This first shade is a very pale yellowy colour, almost white and has a pearl finish. To the touch it feels a little chalky.
2. A 'nude' base colour, it's almost white on me though. It has a matte finish.
3. A shimmery white gold with pink undertones. Shimmery with a pearl finish. I love the feel of this, it's really buttery and smooth.
4. A light pink with a matte finish. It's really light on my skin tone, and I don't think it's a shade I'd wear alone because of that. 
5. A shimmery pearl colour with a very subtle undertone of pink that can't really be seen unless you're looking really closely. 
6. My least favourite of the palette. It doesn't show up at all unless you put on a billion layers of the shadow, and with that, there's HEAPS of fallout. It also feels chalky. It has a matte finish.
7. A dusty metallic pink- this shade really reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.
8. A shimmery white gold.
9. A darker gold- it's a very subtle duochrome: it's a gold with yellow undertones at some angles, and rosy undertones at others. Pearl finish.
10. One of my favourites, a true yellowy gold with tones of micro glitter.
11. A very dusky rose gold. Shimmery
12. Another one of my favourites, another pinky toned gold, this is a bit darker than 11 though. 


  • Majority of the shades feel buttery and smooth
  • Easily blendable 
  • Good mix of matte and shimmer shades
  • Packaging
  • Price

  • The difference of texture between some of the shades
  • Spongy applicators
  • Un-named shadows
I love about half of these shades- they're great neutral colours and are wearable to school/work. Like the Dramatic Palette, I think you get good as you pay for if not more, and it's great. 

About the price, it's $23 at Myer, but I do know they're doing a sale for a set of two of the Chi Chi eye palettes + a blush and... a bronzer I think for $15 which they kind of hide in a corner which is a bit dodgy, but I'd say if you want to try this palette, buy that because, cheaper and more things?! Why not haha!

Ooh and a note: have you guys noticed my pictures look different? I've got a new camera (ok I've learnt how to use one I bought ages ago)- what do you guys think? :)

And another note: I'm going shopping tomorrow and the day after, so I'll possibly have a haul up really soon, stay tuned!

Love you, and until my next post, 

-Kristen x

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