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Hello lovelies!
I feel like I've been so messy with posts the past few weeks, so here's an extra post for today to make up for the lack of posts.

So, this is my makeup brush collection, and I'm going to explain a bit about how I store them and give you guys a teeny look at a bit of my perfume collection.

When it comes to makeup brushes, I kind of stick to a single brand that I think is good quality and works well, but I'm trying to expand my collection to a few other brands from now.

I keep my brushes in 2 jam jars and a cup that my amazing friend Isy made for me (thank you!). Isn't it cute?
They're half filled with rice to keep the brushes up, I was originally going to use those little squishy plant 'pearl' thingies - I don't know what they're actually called, but apparently those go rotten and I didn't want them to ruin my brushes + they're pricier than rice.

So I basically sort them by face brushes (in the middle), eye and lip brushes (right), and dirty brushes in the left (so many to clean oh no!)

I've gotten most of my brushes from Bobbi Brown, but I also have a few from Forever 21 (from when I first started doing makeup), MUA, Ecotools, and I Sigma?

The Forever 21 ones came in a set of 5 I'm pretty sure, and were only $5 which is crazy cheap! Quality-wise, they're not bad, they've lasted me for over a year now, but I don't really use them quite so much anymore, they're mainly my brushes I bring out in emergencies. 

I own a few Ecotools brushes, and they're pretty good too. I absolutely LOVE how the handle is made out of bamboo, it makes the brushes look so cute and they remind me of coconuts and... Thailand. Is that weird?  Another plus is the fact that they're cruelty free- yay! They're quite good quality, and look a lot like the Bobbi Brown brushes. I got them from Priceline, and they range from $6 per brush and up, but their sets are quite affordable at around $17. 

The Sigma one I can't remember where I've put it for a long time nor where I got it, but I'm fairly sure it exists (it better haha I'm not crazy I swear!). I'm not even sure if I've used it!

The MUA brushes I've done a full review on before, so I'll just say a tiny bit about them. Basically I think they are incredibly good for their price (around $4), and they are just so good! I only own 3 but I'll probably be owning the rest of their collection if they ever have another free shipping day (boo their shipping costs to Australia :( . Here in Aus, you can only get them from their site. 

And finally, the Bobbi Brown brushes. I think they're all really great, good quality, look good, etc. I didn't purchase them myself, I got them for Christmas as a gift, and at a lowest price of $30, I don't think I'd ever buy a brush that pricy! I personally think it's a bit ridiculous to spend that much money on a brush haha! I own all of their brushes except for the 'Face blender brush' and the 'Touch up brush', and I think quality-wise, they're not much better than the MUA ones so if you're on a budget, you're much well off purchasing those instead- even with the shipping to Australia, buying the whole set would probably be cheaper than buying just one brush (on average, depending on what you want). You can buy these brushes from Myer and I think (not too sure) David Jones. 

There's a look at my brush collection from far away. 

If you're thinking of purchasing any of the brushes and still have questions, feel free to leave your questions in the comment box and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I'm pretty satisfied with my collection right now, but recommendations would be great if I'm ever looking to get more in the future, so, what are you guys' favourites from your collections?

Thanks so much for reading and lots of love,

-Kristen xx

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