Jordana cosmetics review! - Haul and Part 1 : Jordana Shimmer Fresh Face and Body Moisturizer


Hey lovelies!

I haven't updated this blog in ages, but I've been super busy with school + work, etc, I have missed you though!

Today's post will be a haul from Jordana cosmetics which I won from a raffle at school (yay!). I'll be reviewing 6 products, but it's better to go in depth and be more detailed with reviews so there will be six, one for each day of this week to make up for the lack of posts!

I was really excited to have won this prize because I've heard some good things about this brand from some Youtubers, and it's really hard to find their products here in Australia (I've only ever seen them in 'shifty' cosmetics stores.) and ordering off their website = shipping costs (nooooooo!).

So here's an overview of the package:

And the products inside:

So to start off the week of reviews, the first product!

I was really excited to try this out even though I'm not much of a person for shimmery face products- oilyness + shimmer = not good. It must be the packaging- I'm a sucker for anything holographic/shiny! So first opening it up, it has a pumpy top. However, after pumping it about 100 times with no product coming out, I was like 'what?', opened it up, and found that the straw that's normally connected to the pump wasn't there. I'm pretty sure it's not meant to be like that, so maybe it's just me with a defective product, maybe not? I'm not too annoyed because I got this for free, but if I'd paid for it myself, I'd probably be quite annoyed and a little grossed out (germaphobe of me showing- what if someone pulled the straw out?! YUK!)

So here's how it swatches:

It's in the shade bronze, and this made me kinda believe it'd be a sickly overly orange fake tan bronze but surprisingly, it's quite natural to my skin tone (minus the fact it's super shiny of course.)

So what's good about this product is the fact that it has SPF 15 in it and it's quite smooth to the touch. And the fact that it's quite 'natural' looking, I'm not sure how it'll be if you're extremely pale though.

I'm also a bit grossed out by the smell- it's a familiar strange deodorant smell and if you're not a fan of that kind of thing- stay away: it's pretty strong!

Overall, being someone who isn't much of a fan of shimmer I don't think I'll be getting much use out of this product but if that's your thing- it's only a few dollars so check it out!

Keep your eye out for my next review which will be going up tomorrow!

Lots of love,
-Kristen :)

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