Hey lovelies!

I'm back for part 2 of my adventures earlier this week! On this day I'd originally planned to go (HAHAHA) work out, but... well.... let's just say that plan never worked out (I'm hilarious I know). My outfit is honestly the closest I've gotten to exercising and being fit this holiday season!

So I guess I should tell you guys where I got my outfit from: 

Jacket and pants: Adidas
Crop: H&M
Shoes: New Balance
Chain: Cotton On

This is my first OOTD post and I haven't quite gotten the hang of taking pictures myself (I must be the only person out there who's paranoid about someone grabbing my camera + tripod and running away when I'm taking pictures) so my photographer (ok, I don't have a photographer), my sister, took all of these shots for me! She also has a blog so feel free to check it out here.

My next post will be up really soon, stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Have a great day, and Merry Christmas in advance! 
Kristen x

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