Hey lovelies!
How was your Christmas?! I hope you guys all had an amazing day filled with lots of food and fun! 
Only a day after boxing day, I decided to go on a bargain hunt for the best boxing day steals, but first, I went on a little explore in a side of the city that hasn't been as frequent a stop for me as the CBD: Pyrmont. I've never seen a part of the city so quiet and peaceful- especially so close to Boxing Day!

I enjoyed two (don't judge me, the food is great!) lunches at The Star, messed around at a playground (I had so many pictures, but I had no idea my undies were flashing the world the whole time, worth it for the fun!), and explored every nook and cranny between people's houses. At the end of my walk I found this gorgeous cat- it has a heart on it's back how cute! 

Dress: A one off piece from a  boutique in Surry Hills (inspired by Unif's 'Charmeuse' dress)
Shoes: Dotti (I got them for $10 such a steal I just had to share!)
Bag: Issey Miyake- BaoBao
Lippie: Sportsgirl 'Enchanted' + Chi Chi gloss

It's only a few days til New Year's Eve- leave your plans down in the comments below- I'd love to know what you guys are doing and where you'll be celebrating! 

My next blog post will be up really soon so stay tuned and subscribe if you want updates in your inbox when I make my next post! 

Kristen x

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  1. i love your bag, where did you get it? and how much? <3

    1. Thank you so much! I got it for Christmas so I don't know where its from, but it says its an 'Issey Miyake', which I know is around $1000 in shops, but I know you can find it online fake and just as good for about $40-$50 <--- I think mine's a fake haha ;) <3


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