Fave beauty products of 2014 + mini reviews


Hellooooo you guys! I know I'm about two weeks late doing my yearly favourites but here they are! 

Fave primer:
Ok this 'primer' isn't a primer, it's a BB cream, but I use it as one. Not for the face because I'll be honest, my foundation does last well for however long I wear it = I'm just not that bothered with priming my face, and by the way, this product is awful for that and disappears within 2 hours (max). My fave primer is Mac's Prep and Prime BB cream ($42). It's an absolutely perfect eye base- it stays on all day and night. But as a primer, for you guys who aren't walking oil slicks like I am, this is a fairly matte base with reasonable coverage and SPF. 

Fave powder:
This one's no surprise, it's the only powder I've reviewed all year: Guerlain Meteorites in Clair ($70). If you want to read the review, just go a few posts back and you'll find it! For a more wallet friendly powder fave- BOE's pressed powder in 'translucent'. It's not completely translucent, it does make you a little paler but I know it doesn't do the whole flash photography make-your-whole-face-go-white thing a lot of powders do, it does keep me matte, and for only $2, it's pretty amazing!

Fave foundation:
Maybelline's Super Stay 24 hr- it's great ($24)! So I've only tried 3 foundations this year and this one's my favourite. It's not 24 hour I have to say, but who wears foundation that long?! It does last through exercise, wears well on my super oily skin, and has a gorgeous dewy finish. 

Fave concealer:
I have to admit, I only tried one new concealer this year and that's my Skinfood Rice Concealer ($6). I've got it in #21 'Skin Beige' and it is too pale for actually putting on spots as it just highlights them/isn't enough coverage but for under the eyes- amazing! I have a few NYX concealers I tried last year- all of them ended up looking cakey or creasing (yuk!) under the eyes but not this! This concealer completely covers my crazy dark undereye circles (think, a zombie) which is pretty incredible!

Fave eye products:
Starting with eyeliner and brushes: MUA's are so good ($2)! I have a couple of their eyeliners- and my fave is the white one for lining the waterline. They do stay a couple of hours there too! And their brushes- I reach for them daily- even over my Bobbi Brown brushes! My favourite brushes I've ever tried! Speaking of brushes, it's been exactly a year since I first started using them and I just don't get how anyone lives just using those spongey tip applicators! :O 

For shadows, after 2013 I told myself I wouldn't be buying many more eyeshadows- and surprisingly, I didn't except for this palette and one other! I was digging around looking for ELF in Kmart when I came across their homebrand makeup. I picked up the LOL palette for $2 and was actually really surprised! These shadows are SUPER pigmented, stay on all day, and 3/5 are really pretty duochrome metallics- something you rarely find in the drugstore! 

The mascara that wins my fave this year is Model Co's Fibre Lash Mascara ($35). I've tried over 8 mascaras this year- none of them doing anything for my droopy tiny asian lashes, except for this. Model Co's mascara really is something- it even holds a curl which is something none of my other mascaras do (boo!) Sadly this mascara has dried out, and I have no idea where to repurchase but online and *groans*, shipping costs. Sigh. 

And finally, for the last eye product, yup, I have an eyelash curler! This baby is from Daiso ($2.80!) and has been so great all year. It actually *gasps* makes me look as if I have lashes! It does pinch a bit, which is why I got a new lash curler that's apparently made for asian lashes (???), Shu Uemera's. This one however costs 10 times more- maybe I'll do a comparison blog post for you guys someday if you can even compare lash curlers hahaha! 

Fave brow product:
Everyone knows brows have been a huge thing this year, and before 2014, the thought of even doing my already huge to begin with brows was weird. The starting half of the year, I was definitely doing something wrong with my brows, they just didn't suit me and it took me forever to realise that if I have black hair- eyebrow pencils that lean towards brown/red (basically warm toned) won't suit me, ones that go more to grey will! I found the Estee Lauder Automatic Eye Pencil ($44) in my mum's to-dump makeup pile- and with it basically untouched: it became mine! This brow pencil is absolutely perfect- stays on all day, etc! Couldn't recommend more! 

Fave blush:
The Chi Chi Mosaic Blush ($18). It's look has been completely changed this year and I picked this up on super sale: being the first blush I was going to try I wanted it to be less pricey, and it's pretty good! I wouldn't touch this for ages because, eeeek, it looks too light, but it actually gives a really pretty glowy highlighed look to the face.

Fave nail polish:
Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure ($15) line was a great find this year! Getting 2 polishes as free samples- I got to try how good they were. These don't chip for 5 days, they go on perfectly with 2-3 coats and have a lovely shine. And the brush! It might not be great for some other people because really, it is huge, but for a girl who always has super long claws and big nails, so good! My personal fave shade- Cho-coo-latte: it's a perfect nude for someone who is tanned/more olive toned 

Fave lip products:
This year, I've gone completely lip product crazy! It was so hard to choose my fave products but here they are. 
For a lip scrub, my fave is for sure Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub ($10). This is so good at removing all the dead skin off my lips and it also tastes delicious! I got this on Boxing Day Sales 2013, and it only been dented the teeniest amount. Lasts forever! 

Lip pencils + matte lips have been huge in 2014 so I decided to give them a go. I absolutely love Essence's lip liners- they do everything you want in a lip liner and for only $1.80 *buys them all!*

My fave lipstick this year are Mac's ($36). You guys have probably seen so many review's for Mac lipsticks before so I won't ramble too much. For $36 I expect a good lipstick and I got one. The retromatte + matte lipsticks I can eat all day, lick my lips, even kiss walls or the ground if I wanted and it'd stay on. Creamsheens, not quite the same but without eating, a good 10 hours! Plus they all smell delicious- like vanilla!

I forgot to get a pic of my fave lipgloss in here but it's something I only just received on Xmas but an instant love- Bareminerals Marvelous Moxie in Hypnotist. This lipgloss in the tube is the most perfect colour ever. Actually it's not even one colour. I used to be super in spikes on my clothes, still am, but this year was the year of holographic things, and when I found a holographic lipgloss, I fell in love. My friend Sophia picked it up for me as a gift (thanks so much!), and ahhhh, been wearing it everyday! It's not sticky, plumping and a pretty milky sheer colour with hints of iridescent sparkle. I'll put a picture below! Too pretty! 

Wow that was a long post! Please leave me you guys' favourites of this year in the comments below- I'd love to know and maybe give them a try!

Like always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my next post really soon!

Kristen x

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