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Yesterday I decided to go out to the city to go to my fave book store hunting for sales. But before that I was inspired stalking the archives of my favourite blogger, (here's the inspo if you're interested!) and stopped at the MCA first. Last year if you'd seen me, you'd know I rarely wear anything besides, and I still love the 'all black everything' look, but for this month, I want to wear more colour. And to start that- why not go all out and be bright as possible!

So today the outfit is from:
Top: A boutique in Hong Kong  (brand says 'Plata')
Skirt: Dangerfield 
Shoes: Dotti
Bag: Factorie
Choker: sictransitgloriaa on etsy
Nails: Chi Chi 'Don't hide yourself'

Being out in the city so often- I realised how much buying food and a bubble tea (it's a necessity!) actually costs, and I die a bit. So I've come up with a genius (I'm modest) idea for a new blog post which will involve lots of eating... stay tuned if you're into food!

Of course, because it's the holidays there's a few more fashion and photography posts on their way soon, and maybe some more reviews- subscribe right at the bottom of my blog for updates!

P.S, A question of the post, what is your new year's resolution or goal?!
Love you guys, 
Kristen x

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  1. Oh what awesome photos!! Love your outfit as well :)

    I dont do resolutions haha I never stick to it :P
    Happy New Year!
    Would you like to follow eachother on twitter?

    1. Thank you so much for the nice comment!
      Haha I feel you on the resolutions thing! I'll follow you on twitter, but it says your account doesn't exist? x

  2. Woohoo! This is my favourite post of yours so far :-) I love MCA <3


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