Urban jungle


Hey lovelies!
So about a billion posts back I did an outfit of the day/explore central with me post and digging through my past posts I found a draft, which is this! I don't know if I'm going to do many more of these 'weird photography' posts of random things I think look good together- what do you guys think? 

I've got a few plans coming up for more posts this month including maybe a 'monthly favourites', a couple more outfit posts, and maybe a cafe/restaurant review? Lately I've been crazy busy- going out all day/night, constantly doing things, staying up til insane hours of the morning (I'm talking 3am-5am) to talk to my best friends half way around the world- but I'm so excited for these two friends to come back from their holidays because I have so many new blog posts planned! Think new lookbooks, new places to explore (although it feels like I've completely seen all of Sydney), collabs, and more! 

Stay tuned for more and for more frequent updates follow me on instagram @pissokrisso

Til my next post (later this week) and thanks for reading, 
Kris x

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  1. The shots are awesome, I love the architecture you captured! Looks so, so nice :)


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