Hey lovelies!
Sorry for the blogpost delay- I've been totally out of photos and out of friends who aren't dying of stress to go on adventures with. Getting desperate for new pictures, my friend and I decided to shoot at our favourite place in our least favourite daily spot in the world: school. That favourite place (a smokers hideout HAHAHA) was surprisingly photogenic! 

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: SDS (I think!)
Coat: J Crew 
Shoes: Rubi (DIY-ed)

I'm heading out on a huge adventure tomorrow- and attempting to shoot at least 4-5 more blog posts before all my friends die of exam stress and I have to resort to the good old tripod + timed snapshot photo-taking way. Adventure so far involves hitting up at least 10 stations all around the suburbs of Sydney and finding new locations- if you see me say hi!

A new post will be up Monday- stay tuned! x

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