Calm before the storm


Hey lovelies! 
This is part one of a tiny chunk of the adventures I've had this past weekend- think blog shoots, lots, on buildings that may or may not be illegal to be on *wink face*, heaps of food, art, and of course, the highlight of my week: this abandoned warehouse. 

It looks pretty dangerous from the outside- barbed wire, scrap metal everywhere...

I've been here before with a friend but couldn't find a way in and was thinking... second time lucky. I even checked the back but, nothing, no way to get in! This time, I went with my dad- these are the ways my family bonds! In full desperation, I was ready to scale a 4 metre mesh fence when.... I got in. I'm not going to share how I did on here, but just shoot me a message on instagram and I will! 
You can probably tell how excited I was with the blurryness of this shot.

 Into the unknown...

I'd only been inside 15 minutes before it started bucketing down. Some friendly people I'd met inside gave some very smart advice- 'maybe it's time to go...' and left, but me, it's only a little rain *stays*. Then the wind started, skies turned grey, and when I started to get blown over by the wind and the camera refused to stay still, yes, maybe it was time to go. I later found out that 'little wind' was a storm that had reached 90kms/hr. Perhaps the reason why the whole place was literally swaying back and forth- it was seriously time to get out! Answering a question I've gotten from a few friends at school- the bandaids and scratches all down my legs, may or may not be from this quick escape *winks stupidly*

 Getting a few last shots before running for it.

But that's not the end of this adventure.... stay tuned for part 2, up very soon...

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  1. Wow, interesting place!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! ^-^


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