Hey lovelies!

Happy Hump Day! We're finally halfway through the week- only a bit more to go! Let's celebrate! 
The fact there's only 2 days left until the weekends isn't all that's worth a celebration for me- today I hit 100000 views on my Tumblr! The thought of 100000 people checking up on my blog and going for a scroll is unreal! I don't even think I've seen 100000 people in one area before and its so humbling. 

This post was randomly shot straight on the footpath on my street to the confusion of my neighbours- I was so excited their judgemental 'who-is-this-creep-sitting-outside-my-door' looks didn't shift me a bit. 

Because this isn't exactly an outfit post, I'm unsure which items to list where they're from as there are so many in these pictures so if you'd like to know where anything is from, leave them in the comments! 

How have you guys' weeks been?

Have a nice day and until very soon,
Kris x

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