Hey lovelies!
This is part 2 of my post from yesterday- continuing on the weekends adventures! Just a day more until some more fun!
Saved this dark as hell corridor for next time's exploring... judging by the mud = smart decision...

The place looked almost completely different after the storm (yes, I waited an hour for it to finish. And, HAHAHA, for the security guard to stop going round and round the area in his truck.) 

 Quiet... empty....

Peeling walls....

Spray cans rolling around like bullets in the neverending silence.... (getting deep here!!)

Remnants of history...

My favourite piece (too cute!)

Art on art....

Wasting away...

Its literally only been four days and I already miss this place and can't wait to go back when the weather isn't completely poo- first sunny day that isn't a school day, you know where to find me! Hopefully this time I can drag a friend and maybe have time to do a proper shoot. Even this second time round after the storm I only got another 15 minutes before the next ginormous cloud of doom came rolling in. This was how the location of the first picture I shot in Part 1 looked as I left to actually go home for real. I'm actually so depressed about this place perhaps getting sold tomorrow (March 5th), if only I were a billionaire who'd have enough cash to buy this place and let people continue to do whatever they'd like on it... *sighs forever* Honestly one of the most creepily beautiful places I'd ever been to. 

I'm going to stop rambling and finish this post with a trademark derp with a twist (there was no time to get a derp so enjoy an awfully photoshopped edit!) That disco ball though, can only imagine the parties people once had in this place *drools*

Currently on the hunt for more places nearby like this one- if you know any be sure to hit me up in the comments! What are you guys' plans for these coming weekends?!

Until very soon,
Kris x

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