Hey lovelies!
How have your weekends been? What have you guys gotten up to? 
Today I'm reminiscing upon the adventures I had last weekend- so much craziness! This is what happened before the last two blogposts on here inside the abandoned warehouse- a shoot! 
This top I'm wearing always hits me in the feels- its the first ever piece of clothing I've ever recieved for free from my good old tumblr days. I love how versatile it is and easy to dress up or down.
I paired it with this amazing textured skirt (so sad I cut the label off a while ago)- it doesn't look it but its so fluffy!

Top: Tideshe
Skirt: Unknown (sorry!)
Shoes: Both from Windsor Smith and please excuse the awful socktan if you noticed.
Earrings: H&M

Thank you to Jodie for taking all the pictures you see here! 
We got over 300 shots that day, so, a surprise half 'behind-the-scenes' post is coming up really soon!
Stay tuned, and hope you're having a lovely day,

Kris x 

*can-you-not's hard* as a spider photo-bombs our picture...

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