Hey lovelies! 
This post's adventures take place pre Mardi Gras a couple weeks ago. Lately I've had so many plans for new blog posts but nobody to go shoot with: this is the one problem you have when everyone you know has math and science exams coming up and you're the only one who doesn't take both those subjects ;) Its a bit sad! 

This term has flown by and in 2 weeks it'll be the school holidays again- exciting! Like the long holidays where I actually accomplished 'the impossible' on my bucketlist: be busy every single day of those six weeks, I'll be doing the same again. New adventures... here I come! Trainhopping, new shoots with new friends, more abandoned areas, general shiftiness- I'll be photo-journaling it all for you guys! 

I've now got no more posts lined up but with lots of luck- I'll be photographing something new tomorrow or whatever adventures life decides to chuck at me next weekend. 
Hope you're all having a lovely day, lots of love, 
-Kris x

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