Throwback Thursdays: Beaching in Bondi


Hey lovelies!
This Thursday Throwback takes us back to late November last year, where as a fash blogger I was just beginning and shooting in public was... awkward to say the least.
I tried to capture the lesser known side of Bondi Beach- the art which I never knew til this adventure, existed! 

It's been three hours since school holidays began and... so exciting!
What are you guys going to be getting up to on Easter Break?

Seriously sorry about missing Monday- I think I was hit by the biggest wave of good luck possible: I managed to sit on a bee- INDOORS! Good job me, after then I put off doing anything besides school, bath for 5 hours straight, bed, repeat. A new post will be up this Sunday to get everything back to normal hahaha.

My sister managed to capture the exact moment a fly flew into my eyelid. Truly wonderful stuff^

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