There's something fun about dressing up in places where people don't expect it. Shot on a spontaneous trip down to Luna Park in the middle of the night. I live for the screw-it-lets-go's in life. I've seen many cities, and the city hundreds, perhaps thousands of times but there's always something so alluring and magical about the lights at night.

Wearing: Dress: Boutique somewhere (sorry!)Cape: Forever 21, Shoes: Zu, Headpiece: Gifted (sorry)

Lately I've been a lone traveler of Sydney with my best friend (aka my camera) in one hand and a map in the other- on the hunt for new shoot locations. It's tough finding the most beautiful places and having no model to shoot or photographer to get that perfect picture. If you're Sydney based and reckon you could do either of those things- shoot me an email @ Level of professionalism is irrelevant- want to give it a go or one of those jobs are your professional occupation, don't mind! Hit me up! 
The school holidays are approaching and with absolutely 0 plans so far- looking to fill up that schedule from waking to sleeptime! If you don't want to try the above jobs and just want to meet for coffee or a chill- now's the time. So thrilled to be able to be busy in a way that's totally un-school related yet again so soon!

With love,
Kris x

P.S For anyone who's ever asked 'Don't people judge/look when you take pictures?!', yes, yes they do.

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