Three cameras + one Opal card + one very bored girl with two hours to kill =... results below...
With so much time to kill, what's a girl to do? 
Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to catch the first bus that comes by, get out at a random stop, and let the cameras' lead the way back to 'home' aka the city. 
Turns out, this bus stop was 10 kms away, it was pouring and my bag bursting with shoes + clothes was another 10 (kgs). A pair of these shoes may or may not have been the main inspiration behind this blog post name... who knew a shoebox could be so inspiring?
And why I was carrying this insanely heavy bag that looked as if a dead body was inside (no joke), next post will be up on Saturday featuring the evening's adventures.
Never have I had a day where so many people have told me 'you're going to die of pneumonia' (you'll see why in the next post!), striked up so many deep-and-meaningfuls with complete strangers and... been mistaken as homeless (in the sweetest possible way)!
Truly beautiful.
'Til Saturday and lots of love, 
-Kris x

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