On our way


I'd love to say this was shot in the middle of the night, killing time while waiting for a rave on an empty train platform with all the food in the world. 
Reality: Tuesday night on our way home with a tub of chocolate custard, a homemade muffin and a donut for dinner (nutritious). The empty train platform however, true. Somehow, our night was likely better than the above.
Eternally grateful to have these best mates who will have platform picnics mixing rubbish foods with each other, even if they die of shame when I take pictures *love you guys too* 

Playsuit: Supre (first purchase, and for $2.50! Steal!), Coat: J Crew, Leather Jacket: Mum's from the 90's, Shoes: Zu 'Cavalier' in Gold
Dress #2 (preview of a shoot coming soon in the Summer/also the furthest thing from the Kristen all-black grunge comfort zone): Veeko in HK

Photographer: Jodie aka Wildzest and self. 
Who knew somebody could make good ol' Central station look so incredible!

Til very soon (Tuesday!),
-Kris x
'...A little help... please...'

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  1. Yay you posted! Ahh good times :-') We really need to go shoot more! x

  2. love these photos, looks like you had a fun night ;)

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  3. Beautiful black and white pictures <33 such a nice work

  4. Aaaaah the beautiful Central Station! I love these pictures and I am digging the black and white effect. That playsuit looks cute. I don't like Supre but sometimes their sales are hard to resist. I got a faux leather skirt for $1 hahaha x


    1. Love Central- so gorg. Thank you so much! Don't like them too but sales- amazing. That's actually such a steal! BTW, thanks for the follow on insta x


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