Massive throwback to many months ago and early evening gallery-hopping. 
What a surprise, Kristen and another all-black outfit. Lately I've been trying to switch up my style and incorporate more colour- and what's a better time than dull old winter?! But for now, let's go back to late Summer. 
If you have me on Facebook you'd know my relationship with stairs. I don't think there's been a single profile picture (aside from the current one!) in years without a flight of 'pretty stairs' featuring (and of course, me sprawled like a corpse on them). Finding these in the Art Gallery of NSW was a dream- spent at least a good half an hour chilling here and I could feel the security guard's judging eyes burning into my soul. Oh, the blogger life. 
Wearing: Top: H&M, Skirt: JayJays, Coat: Forever 21, Creepers: Windsor Smith
Photographer: Jodie (Wildzest)
Til very soon,
-Kris x
  When you run out of poses...

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  1. These photos are very artsy, I really like them. The all black looks great with the surroundings!


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