Hey loves!
How have you been? It feels like Winter is finally nearing it's end, time for bikinis and summer-y clothes again! Maybe not, think I'm still frozen and this was months ago! 
Lately I've been feeling crazy unlucky- I managed to snap a new crystal bracelet, break another phone charger/pair of earphones, drop my gold earrings into the bin (yes, I had to fish them back out), all of this, in one day. 
Besides that, nothing much has really happened. Prelims and learning to study for the first time in my life, RIP me. It's called stuDYING for a reason. 

Bra: Cotton On Body, Blue Skirt: Borrowed, Black Skirt: Esprit, Coat: J Crew, Scarf: Cotton On, Hat: Gumboots (thanks Jod!)
Jod wears: 
Blue top: David Jones, White top: Borrowed (dont know where its from sorry!), Sweater: Borrowed Pants: Country Road 

What have you been up to? 

-Kris x

Photographed by Wildzest

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