Exploring... old friend, I've missed you.
Can't believe its been a month since the last adventure. I stumbled across this old place on a walk and, memories man, this used to be one of my hideouts a long LONG time ago, until it got locked out, somehow I totally forgot about it. So sweet finding old places and seeing they've completely changed.
Call me crazy, but wouldn't this place be incredible to hold a party in?! Thinking of the pre-party clean up makes my head turn to mush.. but finding a few photographers, people to do the set up and a couple of good DJs, could it... actually work? Bringing back the warehouse rave!
Throwing one has actually been a lifelong dream of mine, Sydney 2k16, stay tuned! The hunt for the people above/funds for all of it/planning has begun! If you can help make this happen, hit me up! I have no clue what I'm doing, but this is going to work...

Playsuit: Supre, Socks: Dangerfield (Pulp Kitchen), Platforms: Windsor Smith, Bag: Unif

Apologies about the post lateness- this weekend was intense! Aside from this adventure, I hit up the Sydney Good Food & Wine Show and, incredible. Didn't get a single picture- too busy eating/chugging every sample I could find. Ohhhh food coma.
How was your weekend?
Never found a better artwork...
Til very soon,
Kris x

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  1. Cool place! It's definitely awesome for a party location !


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