Hey lovelies!
How have you been? 
Spring is finally here, and I'm so excited for the dreadful coldness of Winter to go away. Hello hay fever season! It's going to be great not having to wear at least 5 coats to be able to step foot outside and not die. 
Apologies about the lack of posting- it's currently my school's exam block (first one ever) and I have no idea how I feel about it- should I be studying, should I not. Argh! Just a few more prelims, and then school holidays will be here... again... and year 12. Pretty exciting, being another step closer to the real world outside. 
But first, holidays. It's been a year since being overseas and I've missed it- guess this post is me trying to recreate old cheesy tourist photos... just.. forget the fact it's still Sydney. Cheers to my friend Leah who gifted me these amazing mint creepers- the main inspiration of this outfit. 
Dress: Miki & Gala, Coat: J Crew, Shoes: TUK, Bag: Unif, Socks: Pulp Kitchen/Dangerfield, Earrings: Marinafini 
Til very soon, got a few adventures planned this weekend...
-Kris x

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