Hey lovelies!
It's the last week of the holidays and it's finally begun to feel like Summer. Despite hating Winter, I'm still clinging on to my fave season for fashion and wearing coats and sweaters.. as dresses. Feel like its such a cute look! 
Wearing: Sweater: Esprit, Coat: J Crew, Shoes: Dotti, Hat: Sportsgirl, Lippie: Ysl 'Legendary Mocha'

The past three days have been spent in a mad rush to make the most of the holidays- I finally trekked out to Carriageworks to shoot this post, popped out to the beautiful Bondi- both times to pig out at the incredible cafes (there are actually so many on my go-to list!). But for two I got to try, Cook and Baker, definitely recommend.... I ate all the food before I realised I hadn't taken pictures *broken heart emoji* and... Earth to Table!! I had my first Acai bowl... feel like a true hipster. Not sure if I can recommend this one as much because... $15 for a bowl that's literally the size of my wallet but if you have $$$, delicious. 

Next day I managed to tick something off the bucketlist: have brunch! Brunch kind of turned into... drinks (trust, of course, its me), and when that wasn't enough, we went to Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe in Newtown to have... the waffle pizza. Yes, tasted as good as it sounds. 
...Still recovering from that food coma

'Til my next post (very soon!)
-Kris x

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  1. Super! Love your blog:)) xx


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