The new year is almost here and its time for a change.
Friday night musings called for something new and by Saturday morning I was blonde. Can't say I wasn't sitting on the freezing bathroom floor mixing bleach thinking 'Kristen what the f are you doing' but its done! 
Lately I've been hauling white pieces like crazy and I've not been sure what's gotten into me. This netted skirt has been my latest obsession despite a recent school wardrobe malfunction (that's another story!). Gone are the days of full black, though I'm wondering how long that will last.
These shots were taken by Jodie on my first adventure in forever that doesn't involve the chance of a trespass warning (cheers for the great memories!)
The blonde lasted for a day, yesterday I was pink, and today purple. Not quite sure what tomorrow will bring but all I have to say is if you've considered a change for some time whether it be regarding style, food, the people in your life, just go for it. 
Wishing you all the best and have a lovely day! 
-Kris x
*tastes the freedom of school holidays*

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