They say 'new year, new me', but let's try something different. New year, old me. 
Let me take you back in time to 2013-early 2014 when your girl could have been considered, yes, a goth. 
With bloggers like Plaaastic being my absolute idol, these were the days of pale blogs on Tumblr, turning the contrast and saturation down being the way to go, and an all black outfit or not leaving the house. 
To be honest, the latter is still relevant

Throwback to IG back in the day...
See what I mean!

The good old days...
Wearing: Dress: Dangerfield, Hat: Sportsgirl, Wedges: Rubi, Chains: Colette, Lipstick: Styletto by Lime Crime, Nails: Chocoolatte
Self shot + MUA + Hair
My sense of style has definitely massively changed though consistency still doesn't exist. It'll be crop tops and mini skirts one day, suits the next. And why be consistent and go with the same thing everyday if you don't wish for it? Wear what makes YOU happy!
Though... farewell goth Kristen.
Much love and see you soon!
Kris x
Yet another thing that hasn't changed over the years; my loyalty to Mac! Thank you family for the Christmas gifts as well as friends- love you! x

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