Snapshots from a perfect day spent exploring the streets of Sydney...
Shoutout to my fave who took most of these pictures, check out her Instagram here
This outfit selection on a 40° day was perhaps not the wisest decision...
We took a pit stop from exploring to refuel our starving bellies at the famous Blackstar pastry. Well known for their cakes, we surrendered to the hype and purchased a slice of the strawberry watermelon, often raved about by food bloggers. I don't even like strawberries and absolutely hate watermelon! But it had to be tried...
My review summarised can be read in the picture below:
Perhaps if unlike me you enjoy the two ingredients that make up 80% of the dish, you'd find this refreshing but at $7.50, a definite will-not-buy again
Wearing: Top: Bardot, Jeans: Cotton On, Shoes: , Jewelry: Pandora + Swarovski + Lovisa, Nails: Sally Hansen in 'Red Zin'

Admiring the street art in Darlinghurst before journeying to Surry Hills for lunch at Devon Cafe. There isn't a day I scroll through any form of social media and don't see someone I'm following snacking here. 
We ordered 'Cookies n Cream' (above) and 'Little Lost Bread' (below). And boy, was it beautiful. My lovely friend Sandy looks like the average customer at this cafe getting that 'gram-worthy shot, and then, there's me. Try to visualise a girl wobbling standing on the edge of her seat: arms raised to the sky and tripod at full height in her hands. A camera sits atop all this on self timer and this position is held for what seems like a year. Onlookers stare and hold their laugh-tears but I am shameless. *Whispers* 'Do it for the 'gram...' My life motto. Right there. No shame at all
(Left to right) At $17 and $16 respectively, they're both on the pricier side for desserts but in terms of taste and appearance: yes. Just yes. Definitely worth a try and would re-visit
The food coma begins to set in and after eating, we all know what needs to happen.. Where are the bathrooms! No bathroom? No problem! *squats over an invisible toilet* 
And your girl is out! Rest in peace, death by good food. The best way to go really. 
But before dying, spotted in mid city: this man and his sign. What a legend. Aspirations and goals, right there. 
Until very soon and wishing you a fabulous day,
Kris x

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