Hey lovelies!
How have you been lately?! It's been weeks since the last fashion post but I'm still feeling the all black (as always). Kristen's tip for life number one: don't bushwalk in 5 inch stilettos!
I've just moved into a fresh new apartment in a totally unexplored area, and when somewhere unknown you know what I go looking for: the nearest abando!
As usual, I find one! Finding one that's completely untouched has always been a dream of mine and that has finally been achieved! Hello new secret hideout! The view from the rooftop at sunset though, YES
Not going to lie, I sometimes dress up to wander around and just dance (extremely embarassingly) with the knowledge I won't run into anyone. Perfection. I've been too lazy to find my own good music lately but who needs to do that when your mates have incredible taste. I've mostly been vibing to some good old Drake and The Weeknd but here are a few faves of late: 
Drake: Summer Sixteen
The Weeknd: The Morning
B.I.G x Flume (The whole album is... yes!)
Hermitude: The Buzz
Rufus: Sundream 
Kyla la Grange: Cut Your Teeth (Kygo remix)
Kodaline: High Hopes (Filous remix)
Angus and Julia Stone: Take You Higher (Goodwill & Hook n Sling mix)
Meg Myers: Desire (Hucci remix)
(Glad to no longer have this baby-spew green, Manic Panic After Midnight... never again) ^
Top: Supre, Bottoms: Veeko (really been feeling asymmetrical pants lately!) 
You can see the awkward, yet another self timered shoot with no remote! I wish I could shoot decent things but, long story short; tragic weekend and grounded for another 16 days. What fun...
Guess its time to end this before it turns into a total rant fest
Much love and have a great day,
-Kris x

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