Feast Fridays: Hawker Lane Chatswood


Hey lovelies! 
Welcome to a fresh series on the blog: Feast Fridays! Every Friday I'll be travelling to a new Sydney suburb trying as much food as I can and then of course, telling you guys what I think. Will I be broke after two weeks, definitely! Correction, was I broke to begin with? Yes.
This week's adventures took me to the new food court area in Chatswood's Westfield: Hawker Lane. I swear there have been so many new restaurants and cafes popping up. So much to try, so little money. 
I began the food coma with a snack at the ever-popular Aqua S. You can see this is a little outdated... Mojito x Milo... so two weeks ago! I'll just quickie review. Milo, amazing. Mojito: TERRIBLE. A butchering of one of my old favourite drinks. This week's flavours though; Taro and Rose, both incredible. A total must-try from me. 
The next place I visited was Dumplings & Co. We had the Sheng Jian Bao and found these to be average. Good as a quick snack on the go but there are better places (New Shanghai, Chef's Gallery in the city, etc)
To sate my constant laksa cravings we hit up Jim's Malaysian. The vege laksa was quite disappointing at the higher price point but not bad nonetheless. I'd recommend by other go-to (East meets West in Mandarin Centre, Chatswood) by far. The Hainanese Chicken was great though!
The last stop off before dessert was Madame Nhu. This place, particularly their Surry Hills store is pretty hyped and after giving it a go I completely see why. So pho-king (*cries at own terrible pun*) GOOD. Would try again 
 Finally the day ended with a try of the extremely popular 'Doughnut Time'. Choosing one was so hard but we settled on 'Creme de la Creme'. Surprisingly, it really does taste like the dessert it was inspired by. But for $6, I'd rather stick to a good old Krispy Kreme. 

Overall Hawker Lane isn't bad for a fast food meal on the pricier side. Would go again!
Until very soon and have a fabulous weekend, 
Kris x

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