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Recently I discovered this in the depths of my photographic archives, ready to be posted. These shots were taken by two of my lovely friends Sandy (photog creds to her!) and Bec aka Food Friends (we need a better name...) as we took on Sydney's beautiful Inner West embarking on an adventure to find the most delicious desserts. A 42 degree day, what's a better excuse to wear as close to nothing whilst staying socially acceptable?
Our day kicked off in the gorgeous May Lane, St Peters. I dream of being as talented as the artist above... 
Wandering through the backstreets of Redfern, we arrived at Carriageworks. I'm so excited to be possibly returning later this year for Fashion Week! Couldn't be more keen
Where to next..? We intended to spend the day taking photos and eating... and... we were hungry! Where better to visit for great food than Newtown? 
Before popping in a cafe for lunch, I noticed a trashed apartment I hadn't seen before. Newtown has so many of these and they're not too hard to find. I actually remember this one before it got abandoned! The inside was no different to the standard squatter's hole: a hoarder's paradise filled to the brim with 'rubbish'. They say one man's trash is another's treasure... 
Kill the rich, feed the poor?
In the background of my shot, I noticed some writing I'd passed off as hobo graffiti while exploring. Reading further, turns out it's a druggie duo's diary. Dated August 2015. Just this doesn't seem strange but... I'd visited the abandonment next door in September 2015 and met the two 'neighbours' who were apparently residing in this presently trashed building at the time. Now I'm the biggest over-thinker out there, but I'm left wondering: had I spoken to the two who wrote this journal entry on the wall? Part of me wonders where the 'neighbours' disappeared to, where those who wrote their story went... and whether they actually are the same people... Most of all... wonder if they're still alive haha!
The questions that will never be answered, I choose to think over far too much.
 Prior to leaving I took a quick run up to the attic and discovered... had we just stumbled into a makeshift meth lab? Now there's something I don't wish to overthink! *shivers*
After all that exploring we decided to hit up one of my favourites: Gelato Blue! I actually have no idea what the thing we got is actually called but show them a picture and they'll make it (what we did). We got the Dulce de Leche Cinnabun with Mint Choc Chip gelato, and a Brownie with Peanut Butter Chocolate. SO DAMN GOOD and another plus, it was all vegan, which means its healthy?! I'll keep dreaming
Expressions that says 'Kris are you done taking pictures yet?! NO???'
But just these icecreams weren't enough... no... it was time to go to the city for yet another. When this blogpost was first shot the food trend was: swirl icecream. Any Sydneysider would remember the hype surrounding 3 Mama's Chef's when they introduced their latest product to Sydney. We had to give it a go...
During the forty minute wait for our afternoon tea we bumped into quite a few food bloggers (thishungrybunny!!)
It came out looking incredible but tasting, not so good. For a matcha icecream it was quite tasteless (Chanoma up the road definitely preffered and at a much lower price point), overtly gelatinous and nothing special; aside from appearance which was gorgeous. At a cost of $7.50, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, well, not the matcha flavour anyways. It looks like this trend isn't going anywhere with stores such as Coolberry  serving up a similar concept opening in Bondi. It looks like swirl icecream is the new froyo!
Have you guys tried it? Or got any cafes in Sydney to recommend: your girl is in need of new places to snack in! 
Much love and until next time, 
Kris x

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