Greetings from beautiful Bondi... x 
The day began with brunch at the ever-popular Speedos Cafe. We ordered 'The Vegan Burger' ($19.90), 'Triple Stacked Pancakes' (made vegan, $19.90) and a Coconut Chia Pot ($17.90). Having seen many gorgeous pictures of all the food they offered on Instagram, expectations couldn't be higher. Sadly, they weren't quite reached. We found the patty of the burger to be quite dry, however flavours were delicious. The pancakes were overly dense, extremely dry and lacked any sort of taste whatsoever following eating all the toppings. I think I was the only one who got lucky with meal selection as the chia pot was AMAZING. I probably wouldn't pay $10 for their Cocowhip alone but their combination of fruits and how filling this thing really was great. In terms of portion sizing, definitely worth the price unlike the taste. We all staggered out dying of food comas.. and our day continued...
Lately I've been OBSESSED with lace-ups. Like literally anything: OBSESSED. I'm not one to care at all about trends but this one has me going crazy. Not sorry at all for picking up 4 new pieces in the past....week? Oops. This bodysuit is from Ice Design.
This dog though... just too cute!!!
Dat highlight doe... 
Wearing: Bodysuit: Ice, Shorts: Supre, Jacket: H&M, Heels: Dotti, Bikini: Cotton On Body
Shot by Sandy.g8n and myself
Its finally time to say goodbye to Summer as Autumn begins to roll in but not going to lie; on the most freezing Winter days... you'll likely still find me here sleeping in the sand. 
Apologies for the massive blog/Instagram hiatus, I could ramble on for years about why but I'll spare you. Being too stressed to move and completely out of content and direction... no fun. New things will likely be shot tomorrow but until very soon and wishing you all the best, 
-Kris x

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