Hey lovelies! 
Currently I'm writing this trying to ignore the impending doom that is the wave of assessments, assignments and (additional) stress close behind me. Juggling a double major for the most part has not exactly been the most enjoyable but when your VA body of work lets you wander around the city taking heaps of pictures, can't really complain too much! 
Let me take you guys along with me... 
In the midst of worries and parties every weekend for what seems to be months- I've hit the realisation that my countdown to the 'big 18' is nearly over: just exactly one week to go. It's bittersweet in the strangest way; finally being able to go to all the festivals I've wished to attend since the kiddy days and then of course.. being an adult. Responsibilities! Argh!
I feel like my 9832049832th mid life crisis is on its way!
Til next time and much love, 
-Kris x

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