Feast Fridays: The Local Mbassy


It's been quite a while since the last blog update and I've missed posting so much! How have you all been? 
Recently a couple friends and I decided to make the trek to the famous Local Mbassy. Renowned for their delicious servings and that iconic pancake stack; when given the opportunity to go in a mid-trial break, we took it! 
What we ordered: Buffalo Mozzarella Stack ($18 I believe, if only my memory wasn't terrible!), Mediterranean Breakfast ($18), Shakshuka ($17), Nutella Nest ($17) and .... The Red Velvet Pancakes! ($16). Oh and a red velvet latte (4.50) 
Naturally I had to be that embarrassing person who gets up on the seats to get the shot but have to say, not too terrible a flatlay! Being nice to my friends for putting up with me and having them go through the shame of holding onto a wobbling Kristen from stacking it off the seat, 90000 years weren't spent getting individual shots of their food *cries a little bit* but... they're getting reviewed anyways! 
The Buffalo Mozzarella Stack, now being a cheese fanatic... I may be a tiny bit biased, but this was incredible! Balls of mozzarella are served with eggs, salad and perfectly toasted brioche bun, truly a beautiful combo. 
Shakshuka: Having previously never heard of this but almost seen it as many times as the pancakes, it was a must-try. Poached eggs, meatballs, and paprika sauce, COUNT ME IN. Tasting reminiscent of vegetarian spaghetti bolgnese and frozen meals, I wouldn't say this was my favourite dish, but it wasn't bad either.
Mediterranean Breakfast: A recent addition to The Local Mbassy's menu, it consisted of falafels, eggs, pita bread, salad, olives, and a yogurt/cheese based dip- the name I can't remember for the life of me, but it was HEAVENLY. It seems simplistic, but possibly the best falafels I've tried in all of Sydney. This is from someone who gets falafel HSPs literally on the daily as well! Do recommend.
The Red Velvet Latte: Now this one is hard to describe. Imagine a hot choc made with white chocolate, and then mixed with a ton of marshmallow fluff. It was good but to be honest, nothing special. 
The famous Red Velvet Pancakes!!!!! As someone who's not a fan of pancakes nor strawberries, how good this tasted was surprising! The pancakes were fluffy, you could taste the red velvet, and there was a perfect amount of cream and white chocolate with each cake. Surprisingly filling too and of course, so, SO PRETTY.
Finally, the last part of our feast, The Nutella Nest. Another new addition for Winter on the menu brioche is combined with melted nutella, strawberries & cream, and Pariya rose fairy floss. This was so yes. You wouldn't think rose worked with nutella but it does, though this is a little on the sweet side.
So beautiful... *pokes*
I die laughing looking at that girl judging so hard in the window!!
Will we be returning to The Local Mbassy? Definitely. I don't like falling to the Insta hype, but I have to add this one to my list of favourite cafes. If you guys are ever near the Ultimo/Sydney City area, I wouldn't give this one a miss, despite the probable wait at the door its for sure worth it. 
Until next time and much love, 
Kris x 

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