With 3 days until the first HSC exam, when would be a better time to cull the constant craving for the beach?!
Santorini...or Sydney?!
It seems like only weeks has passed since twerk twin and I hit up the same spot... back when walking 10kms in a day was possible. Currently: *puffs up two flights of stairs*. It's crazy to think that was half a year ago and so much has happened since. Like I say every single post, I'm sorry for being crazy inactive with posting; we'll blame school for getting in the way. 
*scrolls on an invisble laptop* 
'What is she looking at?' you may ask. 
Harambe memes, Clowns of Sydney and Yeah-the-boys... What have I become. 
 Being in that strange stage between school and uni has me feeling all sorts of ways. Sometimes I feel at this age, maybe I should know how to make more than instant mac n cheese, instant cannelloni if I'm feeling classy.  As well as, have a job and all that. 
(Note, leaf did not taste good)
Welcome to Kristen's Kitchen ^
(This homemade chia pudding tasted very good, should I put up a recipe sometime?)
Aside from basically wishing I had it all together, nostalgia. Its been so easy to forget exactly how much I hated the first five years of my secondary schooling. But this last week of school, shoot me for this cheese; it's probably one I'll never forget. It seems like its time for a catch up post on all that's happened... 
To be honest... 80% of the photos will likely be stolen *sweats* from Jodie... who also took these photos! Give her page some love here.
Dress: Kookai. Boots: Cotton On
 With only the tiniest amount of time til Paper 1 (little over a day now)... maybe I should be studying. Perhaps I should have memorised everything. Maybe... I should stop rambling.
Wish me luck, I'm really going to need it! If only there were exams for making disturbing faces... Top marks for me. If you're also doing the HSC, wishing you the best of luck too!
Much love and until next time, 
Kristen x 

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