Femme Fatale


Formal... one of my favourite times of the year. There's something I love about getting all dolled up- I'd do it everyday if it were, well, socially acceptable *shies away from all the confused glances on the train* 
 I'm not only obsessed with formal itself but everything before it: the makeup, finding the perfect dress, searching for a place to host pre's, the list goes on. The fact this is our last one makes me a little sad but what a way to say goodbye to our high school days. 
This year I decided to channel my inner Jessica Rabbit in this gorgeous Langhem gown. This is probably one of the few times you all have seen me out of all-black-everything!
My favourite aspect of this dress is the fact its covered in sequins- but the tacky factor is removed with them being all matte. The slit too, obsessed. 
I paired the dress with these gorgeous heels from Marco Gianni.. which also contributed to me stacking it front of everyone who attended our formal. Twice, what a J Law moment heh...heh
 I feel like most people would be so embarrassed to have fallen up the stage in front of a couple hundred people but... for 60% of the grade, what a great last memory of me that would be. 
 'Please no photos'. Honestly I wish the photographer got a photo of both falls but the poor dude looked so shocked at what to do HAHAHA. 
*checks constantly for chips*
 Today I'll be off to the coast for schoolies- I'm so excited to hopefully shoot some new posts in somewhere totally new! 
But for now, maybe... I should pack.
Until next time,
Kris x

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