Friday Feasts: Ripples @ Chowder Bay


A glass of rosé makes a good day..
Hello from the other side! The post-HSC life side that is, and it could not be better!
What would be a better way to celebrate than to go out for dinner? The fam and I popped out to Ripples @ Chowder Bay- do read on to see how it was... 
We started with their handmade focaccia with whipped butter ($9). As someone who isn't a fan of bread, this was surprisingly tasty! It was super light like the butter, I would definitely recommend. 
My main was their risotto ($28) which could only be described as... mac n cheese x risotto rice? A tasty dish but the portion still left me hungry.  
Ripples' beer battered fish and chips ($28) ^ 
Barramundi ($35) ^ the sauce on this one was INCREDIBLE, hands down the best dish of the night.
Whole snapper ^ ($38) 
As someone who doesn't eat seafood of any kind, I couldn't tell you how my family's meals were but they all said they were great and that they would definitely return (me too!) 
No its not steak, its a dessert! This was the Amaretto Mousse with coconut gelato ($15). Incredible. The dark chocolate mousse was paired perfectly with the cherries, a definite recommendation. 
THIS. The Passionfruit Cheesecake with Banana Gelato ($15), another highlight. Despite the banana gelato tasting like honeydew, words cannot describe how good this is. Would for sure have this again, actually... I'd have three courses of just this. SO GOOD. 

Although I've just found out I've spent a couple hundred in the past term simply on brunch (the effects of HSC, i swear), let's go out for four more brunches this week!!! Let's pray for my wallet... and... my need for a job. Many more posts will be coming soon, hopefully some more fashion ones if my friends can deal with me asking for 9000 photos; it has been FOREVER. 
Until next time and much love, 
Kristen x

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