I'm the furthest you can possibly be from being a morning person but when the perfect opportunity strikes to grab some snaps of the sunrise; I'm there. Featuring the beautiful Hawks Nest- catch a glimpse of the chiller side of our schoolies adventures... Enjoy!
Previously I had always believed sunrises were deeply overrated. The 4AM get up, the half-asleep trek to wherever location you need to be to see it; no thank you, I'd much rather my sleep. However, after pulling an all-nighter, hey, why not? 
It was so surreal seeing scenes from my stories (shoutout to HSC Adv Eng and Eng Ext) leap off the lines of bullshit and into reality. 'The scarlet rays licking at golden clouds' and 'cotton candy skies' *massively cringes* surprisingly wasn't too far-fetched a description... Magical stuff. Worth the wake? Definitely. 
If you're wondering who's standing in most of these shots: its... Cordelia! Check out the view from her camera's perspective here!
Another post about our schoolies adventures coming real soon but for now, catch you later x 

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