Feast Fridays: Harry's Bondi


I'm always on the hunt for a good all day breakfast and food that tastes as good as it looks. When in Bondi there's hundreds of options. Today we went with Harry's Bondi; a cafe where bloggers and insta-models are known to frequent. Renowned for their beautiful presentation, we had to give it a go! 
The second I spotted 'Coconut Chia Pudding' ($18) on the menu, sold. Of course, having come for lunch I had to ask whether a pudding was a reasonable lunch option. 'Trust me... yes'. And the waitress wasn't wrong, don't be fooled by it's appearance- this was a hundred times more filling than expected! The granola was toasted to perfection and fruits wonderfully sweet. If you're after a vegan breakfast option definitely give this a try!
The 'Gnocchi Verde' ($24) was a plate of potato pasta garnished with broccolini and drizzled with a creamy kale sauce. This was delicious and had me licking up all the sauce- later which I found out; was vegan! It tastes so real. Another vegan option I'd definitely recommend. 
We also ordered the 'Breakfast Roll' ($16). Intrigued by the sound of 'bacon coffee jam' (WHAT?!) we couldn't give this one a miss. If you're wondering what that tastes like as we were, it tastes, well.... it tastes like what it sounds. I've tried bacon vodka, bacon icecream... but bacon coffee jam is certainly and strangely the best bacon combination. 
The 'Ricotta Hotcakes' ($18) I'm sure, is something you've spotted on your Instafeed if you're a fellow Sydneysider. From these pictures, we knew it was a selection we had to taste! And apparently, it delivered! As someone who doesn't like pancakes, all three of my friends thought it was amazing and well worth the money, despite expecting more than one cake. 
Behind us we spotted @ lilymaymac. Yes... I had a bit of a fangirl moment. But it was lovely not appearing over the top dragging in a DSLR and a tripod all for the shot... because I wasn't alone! Now I wonder what blogs some of the other customers ran... 
Overall, would I recommend Harry's? YES! Whether you're on the hunt for a vegan option or brunch, I'd definitely suggest this opposed to several other cafes in Bondi. It joins the ranks of 'Local Mbassy' on my list of favourite cafes. 
Today I'll be heading out to another cafe and yet another restaurant, stay tuned for future posts! Have a wonderful day and until very soon, 
Kris x 

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