Hey everyone! Hope you're having a lovely day! Recently I flew home to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year and managed to uncover some gems that still remain relatively secret to the majority of tourists. Read on to follow me through my trip including a peek into some of the abandonments HK has to offer! 
One of my first stops was in Peng Chau, a little island half an hour a ferry ride from Central. Reminiscent of both Santorini and the country villages of Japan, I was in love..Yeah... the hundreds (not exaggerating!) of wild cats and dogs may have added to that love just a little too! 
Whilst chasing wild cats I found myself lost in the middle of an abandoned school...
So pretty!
Through a two hour mountain hike this little guy followed us- and has nearly convinced me to rescue a dog back home in Sydney! Whose dog it was... I don't know but I miss you!
Cya Peng Chau! A few days later I picked up a new camera in fear of regretting not getting some good night shots whilst overseas (they'll be in my Part 2 post!). Yay for more frequent posting and of course, better shots!
Ticking an overseas rooftop off the bucketlist... 
Some grimy goodness found in the center of one of HK's main tourist suburbs...
I couldn't believe this block of abandoned apartments just sat in the middle of the city with passerbys not giving it a second glance. I managed to give it a quick explore but sadly, by the time I'm back to fully scope it out in two years... it'll probably be gone *tears* 
Being back in Sydney now feels strangely boring but I'm so excited to start collaborating with some new models/photographers real soon! 
Until the next one and best wishes, 
Kris x 

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