Pulling Up


Its been months since I last posted on here but 10+ raves, 1 breakup, 2 holidays, and infinite acai bowls later... I'm back! 
When given the chance to go to 'Cars and Coffee' aka two of my favourite things in one place, Jodie and I had to hit it up! Expect lots of droolworthy cars, hypebeast overload, and the cutest of doggos in the flicks ahead... 
Top: Kookai, Bottoms: Cotton On (unintentionally distressed from wearing way too many times), Bag: Armani, Shoes: Adidas.
Which car was your favourite? Personally mine was the Lambourghini above, literally movable art. You're all definitely going to see me at the next car show... even though... I honestly don't know anything aside from pretty or nah.*Import model hair flick*
Until the next post I'll be dreaming of pulling up in one of these... someday.... Much love and see you soon!
Kris xx 

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